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How meditation can make your life better

The world is all crazy about meditation. But we wonder why? Why is it that not only gurus, but now also high performers and stars have a meditation practice? Find the answer in this article.

& why you would benefit from a regular meditation practice

What is all that fuss about meditation that people are talking about? We hear about successful entrepreneurs and Hollywood celebrities having a meditation practice, and don’t quite understand WHY.

Meditation has become civilised enough in the western culture that we realize that there is more to it than gurus and spiritual beings finding their peace in it.


There must be a great value behind it that the practice has made its way from the ancient eastern cultures into the high-performance society of 2020.


Here are some examples of people that you might know, that have or had a mediation practice:

  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Madonna
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Sir Paul Mc Cartney
  • Steve Jobs
  • Michael Jordan
  • Richard Gere
  • Gisele Bundchen
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Will Smith only name a few.


But we really wonder why? I mean could we not be doing something more productive when we are running behind and are feeling stressed out than sitting in silence and trying “not to think”? Why would that help? What is this about?

I don’t need to write about the benefits of meditation in general, you can google that, but I’ll share with you the key elements that I think would contribute a lot of happiness, balance, and quality of life to you, besides all physical benefits it has.

If you reflect for a second about your level of awareness that you hold when scrolling through your everyday life, then you might realize pretty quickly that you do most things without really thinking about them. And that is the case for most people.

We get up. We don’t question the quality of waking up.

We proceed with our morning routine. We don’t question the way it makes us feel.

Moslty it’s the same anyway. Why don’t question why and how our morning routine is affecting our start into the day? 

We have tea or coffee. We postpone any sensations and emotions to after this.

We continue the way that way.


That is called autopilot. About 90 % of the actions, moves and thoughts we have on a daily basis, are run by our autopilot.


Which means, we repeat certain patterns over and over and over again. Our brain does that to protect us because if we were being fully conscious all the time, we would easily feel overwhelmed.

The backside of this is, that our thoughts create our emotions, that our emotions create our actions, that our actions create our habits, that our habits create our character, and that our character creates our live.

This sounds very simple and logic. But the thing is that when we don’t change something in the beginning of this chain, nothing will ever change. And all begins with our thoughts.


So, if we are on autopilot all day long, if we don’t question ourselves, if we don’t check in with ourselves, if we don’t break out of our patterns, nothing and no one will ever change.


Unless something happens from the outside, like winning the lottery which will change something for a rather short period but will not change our mindset – talking about real change is talking about internal change, about holding responsibility for ourselves and not about hoping for miracles to occur in the outside world.

And here comes a very important effect of meditation. The practice of tuning inwards will not only give us the space of actually noticing how we are feeling within our hustle life, it will also allow us to reflect about questions that we normally wouldn’t take the space asking for.

A meditation in the morning can give the day an entirely different value, for example, because it makes us connect with ourselves, it lets us choose in what energy we want to be in, and with what intention we want to follow the day. It is like building an emotional basement instead of rushing into the day, being in reactive mode and not having your super power together.

Also, our subconsciousness digests all the happenings and emotions from the day when we are asleep. And things happen. Here and there, anger happens, disappointment happens, frustration happens, and stress happens – life happens.

There is tons of advisers and businesses covering the topics about sleeping disorders. And why? Because sleeping disorders and a bad quality of sleep IS SOMETHING to talk about, because it is THERE. A quick evening meditation to reflect the day, to make peace with it, to focus on all the little miracles and things to be grateful for, can already do wonders.

Because the state of mind you will go to sleep with, is the emotional quality that you are feeding to your subconsciousness when you are asleep, which will again determine your emotional state of being when you wake up.


Can you see where I’m heading to?



Meditate your way into happiness.

Try it for yourself. Try it with five minutes in the morning and/or five minutes in the evening for two weeks, and see what happens to your performance, your confidence, your relationships, and your emotions. 


Sending you love.



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